Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 4 (SCGMD4 for short) is the 4th game in the series. It contains many songs (including the infamously hard Guitar Vs. Piano), guitars, and achievements.

Gameplay Edit

Most gameplay in SCGMD4 is similar to the last entry, SCGMD3 more than the second game, SCGMD2, due to the fact that unlike SCGMD2 where there are only 3 hold keys, SCGMD4 uses all 4 hold keys used in SCGMD3.

Also like SCGMD3, you can change the hold keys to ASDF from 1234.

Songs Edit

  1. Swallow Your Soul
  2. Fairest One Of All
  3. In Love With Myself
  4. Battle Song Loop
  5. Race It!
  6. Ska Hymn
  7. Time Wasters
  8. Stormfield
  9. Dinosaur Dance Floor
  10. Momentum
  11. Swear by the Hilt
  12. I Just Wanna Burn
  13. Tired Old Man
  14. Presumed Dead
  15. Switch vs. Evil-Dog Round 3
  16. Hole In The Ground (secret)
  17. Toys And Us (secret)
  18. Guitar Vs. Piano (secret) (pro mode only)

Bosses Edit

This game introduces bosses. Once you run into a boss, the game asks you whether you want to fight them. If you choose the red button (no), you will play the song as usual. However, if you press the green button (yes) you will be presented by a screen that looks like a normal song screen with a few differences.

  • There is no score bar
  • There is a green bar next to the multiplier
  • There is a boss on the right of the screen
  • Some bosses have "powers" that mess with the visuals of the chart
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