Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe
Title Screen


May 2, 2006


3 (1 non-playable)


3 (1 for a non-playable song)

Main Menu Song

Super Mega by pragmar


Rob Sienkiewicz (Flashportal), Shinki (Newgrounds)

    Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe (or SCGMD, SCGMD1 for short) is the first game in the SCGMD series. The game was released as a contest entry at, winning fourth place. Unlike its future iterations, there are no Star Points; instead, high scores are used. (In the Newgrounds version of the game, the high score system does not work.) It was created by Rob Sienkiewicz from Flashportal and Shinki from Newgrounds.


The gameplay of SCGMD is simple: press the arrow keys and the hold buttons (A and S) as the corresponding commands reach the command area. Hitting consecutive notes without missing increases the Multiplier, which will increase your points. The multiplier starts out at "LAME." As the multiplier increases to OKGOOD, etc., The command area decreases in size, making it harder for you to hit the notes. If you make a few mistakes, a distorted guitar sound plays, the Guitar Maniac scratches his head, and the word OUCH! appears, preventing you from playing any note during this time. It id also during this time that the command area expands back to the "Lame" multiplier. If you play well enough, the Multiplier will go up to Great, Rockin', and finally, Godly.


There are only two playable songs in the game, with a third one being used as the main menu BGM.

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